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Officer Positions

President - responsible for assisting Director and leading Troupe in all ITS activities and expectations, as well as organizing induction of Honorary Thespians

Vice president - responsible for assisting President in all activities, updating all Thespians' certificates

Secretary - responsible for maintaining accurate point records (including up-to-date contact information) and making them available for each student’s personal review, as well as assisting Director in ensuring production programs and other department publications include accurate Thespian membership and honors designations

Clerk/Scribe - responsible for maintaining a record of all meeting minutes, updating the Troupe Constitution and Bylaws and submitting yearly documents for archival

Fundraiser Chair - responsible for maintaining a record of money earned against money needed for yearly expenditures, planning and executing Troupe's bi-annual fundraising events, creating/maintaining a record of local businesses that offer Honors Student discounts to Thespians

Publicity Chair - responsible for documenting activities through photography and videography and creating slideshows and scrapbook for end of year activities; creates publicity for day to day activities, as well as events; helps director maintain the department’s social media; writes a summary of the year's achievements to be archived in the Troupe's history document; and assists the Director in updating the Summer Opportunities portion of the Theatre Department webpage once per year

Community Service Chair - responsible for planning and executing Troupe's yearly community service event (and additional events), and building relationships with community businesses for program sponsorship and advertisement

Sunshine Chair - responsible for planning fun activities for each General Meeting, recognizing Thespian birthdays and assisting the President in planning Orientation Meeting activities