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Student Council

Little Elm High School Student Council

Our goal as the Little Elm High School Student Council is to give students the opportunity to develop their leadership skills, learn the value of teamwork, and give back to the school and the Little Elm community. Through leadership, responsibility, and service, we bring the school and community together on campaigns, fundraisers, and leadership projects to help elevate Lobo spirit in and out of the classroom. By following the LOBO WAY, students are reminded of the attributes a great leader must have in order to serve our school and community accurately. 

L - Leadership                       

O - Optimistic                            

B - Beyond Expectations        

O - Own It

W - Wise

A - Ambitious

Y - Yearning for Knowledge

The Student Council Officers for the 2023 - 2024 school year are:

President - Norelle De Luna

Vice President - Izabella Briley

Secretary - Arielle Silver

Treasurer - Ari Morales-Sandoval

Historian - Anthony Flores

Parliamentarian - Kanae Wise

Reporter - Kenadee Martin


Through the Little Elm High School Student Council, committees have been designed to help boost school spirit, create awareness, serve the community, document the  achievements of sports and clubs at the high school, and so much more. Each committee serves a vital purpose by helping our Student Council extend its reach through projects, fundraisers, and events that are designed to give back to the students at Little Elm High School. Committees are a great way to get involved, meet new people, and have fun!

The committees are: 

Community Service

      Designed to helped students develop and conduct service projects that will benefit the school and/or community. Special Olympics, the winter clothing drive, and cleaning up the streets of Little Elm are a few examples of the community service projects the committee has worked on.

Pride and Patriotism

      The promotion of Little Elm High School through posters, social media, etc. to boost school spirit. A few examples of projects Pride and Patriotism has carried out to boost school spirit include Teacher Appreciation Day, the Homecoming Parade, and creating banners for dress-up days and sports related events.

Energy and Environment

      Promoting environmental and energy awareness projects to help spread awareness on environmental stress. Ways the E&E committee has helped raise environmental awareness is through encouraging teachers to turn their lights off and open up their blinds to let in fresh sunlight, and by reusing students' old water bottles and turning them into shakers to be used at football games.

Drugs, Alcohol, Safety, and Health (DASH)

      Placing an emphasis on informing the student body on the consequences of alcohol and drugs on not only themselves but also those around them and how such substances are harmful and inadvisable. Examples of projects DASH has carried out are the Hurricane Harvey Coin Drive, which helped raise money to supply food and health related items to the victims of the hurricane, and Red Ribbon Week, which raised awareness on drug-related issues and encouraged students to say no to drugs. 

Meeting Times


General meetings are held on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of every month after school in the Lecture Hall, room 1102, from 3:00 - 3:30pm. Be sure to check your emails and Remind 101 for information regarding meeting dates and times.