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Local Shows & Auditions

You know how I’m always telling you that there are tons of opportunities in the DFW area to work in the theatre and to go see great plays, sometimes even cheap or for free? Here’s how:

The Column Online

Here’s what I think is useful from this website:

1. Audition & Performance notices – Scroll down and click on the “Subscribe to the Column Newsletter” button on the left. You will receive 2 emails per week. One will have audition notices for pretty much every theatre in the Metroplex, including the ones near LEHS. The other will have information from all the same theatres regarding which plays they are presenting/producing currently, including location, date, time and cost. The cost information will include any price specials like “pay what you can” nights or free previews.

2. Interviews – John Garcia, the owner of The Column does a decent number of interviews with some of the top performers who travel through DFW. For example, at the time of my posting this the most recent interview listed is of Val Kilmer regarding his performances of his one-man show “Citizen Twain” that traveled through the Winspear in Dallas.

3. Theatre Links – There is a list of theatres, big and small in the DFW area that links to their websites. Useful for doing research, looking for work or planning a trip.