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Advanced Academic Programs

Advanced Academic Programs

  • In addition to providing opportunities in every classroom for students to practice critical thinking and problem solving skills, Little Elm High School offers several pathways for students to advance or accelerate their coursework. Students have the ability to enroll in Advanced Placement, Dual Credit, and OnRamps courses as well as CTE Pathways that lead to related advanced courses, while fulfilling endorsement requirements.

    Advanced Academic Program Comparisons

Advanced Placement (AP)

  • Rigorous academic program for hard-working, committed students.

    Benefits: Possible college credit, increased rates of success in college, learn more about topics of interest.
    Set yourself up for success! Learn about the course, teacher, and expectations PRIOR to enrollment.

    Learn more about Advanced Placement in Little Elm ISD

Dual Credit

  • College courses provided by partner institutions of higher education.

    Benefits: College course enrollment while also earning high school credit, headstart on post high school education.
    Can provide a smoother transition to college and save money. Make sure you know how credits transfer!

    Learn more about Dual Credit in Little Elm ISD

OnRamps through UT

  • Innovative dual-enrollment program, high standarsd of University of Texas

    Benefits: College courses in supportive environment, LEISD teachers partner with UT professors, low-risk "on-ramp"
    Authentic entry point to college expectations, *currently tuition free, widely accepted transferable credits.

    Video: What is OnRamps?

    Learn more about the OnRamps program

Lobo Collegiate Academy

  • Lobo ColLEgiate Academy is a cohort of selected LEHS students who will participate in extensive dual credit coursework through North Central Texas College (NCTC), beginning in the freshman year of high school, with the goal of being core complete upon high school graduation.

    Benefits: Students can earn up to 50 hours of dual credit and graduate high school "core complete".

    Learn more about Lobo Collegiate Academy