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When a student is absent for a class or for a day, one of the following is required: 

The student’s House Office determines if an absence is excused or not. For most appointments, a student is required to come to school before and after those appointments. Consequently, a partial day absence due to a doctor’s appointment does not count against the student for the purposes of exemptions and the 90% rule when the doctor’s note is turned in within one week of the appointment. If you have any questions, be sure to call the House Office ahead of time.

NOTE: The note explaining the student’s absence must be received by the House Office within 3 school days of the student returning to school and must include the student’s name and ID number and the date(s) of the absence(s). If it is not received within three school days, the absence becomes an unexcused absence. Notes received after the allotted time may be accepted, however the absence may remain unexcused.

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  1. A note written and signed by the parent stating the reason for the absence, (maximum 6 parent notes per school year)
  2. A note provided by the doctor/dentist office
  3. A note written on letterhead from the agency visited or from the organization represented (court, religious holidays, college, etc.)

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