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Verification of Enrollment

Verification of Enrollment

Both excused and unexcused absences count toward a student qualifying for a VOE form which is required for a driver’s permit.

A student must have 90% attendance in every class each semester before a VOE can be issued.

If a student is below 90% attendance at the time of the request, the VOE will not be issued.

To improve attendance percentage, students need to come to school every day for every class and complete any seat time recovery that is owed.

Students must request a VOE online. Please allow 2-3 school days to process the request.

Verification of enrollment requests should coincide with school enrollment dates therefore may be requested as early as 3rd day of school and no later than the last day of school. VOE’s obtained within the last 5 days of school are valid until the first day of the following school year.

VOE’s issued during the school year expire 30 days from issuance.