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Graduation Information

  • The 2024 LEHS Graduation will be held on Sunday, May 26th 2024, @ 2 pm. More details and dates to come.

Graduation 2024

Little Elm High School Graduation Cords

Earning a graduation cord to wear at graduation means you have successfully accomplished the highest standards of excellence for this honorable recognition. Each accomplishment a student achieves during their time at Little Elm High School, gives them credit toward earning a cord as represented in each of the following eight criteria.

The various criteria align with our College, Career, and Life Ready Indicators, Competitions at the state level, Leadership, Character, Academic, and Armed Forces. A student can earn up to six cords in addition to the stoles and medallions listed below. Students who qualify for the Competition or Leadership cords in multiple organizations may be awarded organizational pins to be worn on that cord.

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